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Meet Our Farmers

there's nothing like buying and supporting local

Alabama Lifeline

Earnest and Bonnie Williams specialize in vegetables, fruits, herbs, teas, eggs, crochet, and baked goods. They are both 2nd generation farmers where they have pursued this passion for 20 years. Along with farming, they also contribute to their non-profit organization where they give away food to low-income families and the elderly. You can find them farming fresh produce mostly year round.

Accepts WIC and SFMN

Earnest & Bonnie Williams

B&S Farms

Gary is a 10-year full-time farmer specializing in all vegetables (his favorite being squash), pork, and canned goods. His joy of farming stems from his green thumb and the freedom of the outdoors. He is a generational farmer who takes pride in growing fresh produce for people. Catch him in his favorite season, summer.

Accepts WIC and SFMNP

Gary Smith

Bannerman Farm

The Bannerman’s have been farming between 20 and 30 years. The thing that they enjoy best about farming is watching the plants grow. She believes the most challenging thing about farming is the Alabama heat! The Bannerman’s take pride in their free range chickens along with their blueberries, honey, okra, peas, sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, turnip greens, and eggs.

Accepts WIC and SFMN

Carol Bannerman

Barry's Bees

Jim and Linda Barry have been farming for 5-6 years in Fosters, Alabama. Their interest in farming developed from bee raising where the chickens and blueberries later followed. They enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor flourish as they produce high qualities honey, blueberries, and eggs. Their peak season is between April-December.

Linda Barry

Belle Meadow Farm

Andrew has been farming for 3 years. He feels farming brings him closer to nature. He also enjoys being outdoors. Andrew believes the most challenging thing about farming is nature. 

He takes pride in being an organic farmer.


Black Angus Beef

Richard and Melanie Harvell have been farming for 30 years. While working for themselves, they enjoy the peace and quiet of farming along with the fresh Alabama air. Their favorite recipe to share with customers is their unique beef, because it is raised from birth with no chemicals added

Richard Harvell

Cedar Stump Farms

Jim and Pat Pilkintons have been farming for almost 10 years in Boligee, Alabama. They are 4th generation farmers who have strong bloodline passion for farming. Their farm includes: herbs, honey, cut flowers, tomatoes, berries, apples, pomegranate, eggplant, watermelon, okra, peppers, squash, garlic, onions, corn, turnips/collards, kale, Brussel sprouts, along with some baked goods. Though they have many favorite recipes, the one they like to share with customers is the blueberry sorbet and an appetizer made with cubes of ice cold watermelon, prosciutto, and feta.

Jim Pilkintons


Clay Farms

The Clay’s have been farming for a whopping 42 years. Throughout the years, they have grown to learn harvesting the most. Here at River Market, they sell corn, peas, butterbeans, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, onions peppers, blueberries, turnip greens, collards, watermelons, cantaloupes, Brussel sprouts, pecans, peanuts, eggs, and beats. Catch them here during the spring and summer seasons.

Accepts WIC and SFMNP


Betty Clay

Druid City Garden Project

Druid City Garden Project uses school gardens, farm stands and educational programs to help diverse communities in Alabama build vibrant food systems. By increasing access to fresh, locally-grown produce, they empower their community to make healthy and sustainable food choices. They dream that one day every school in Alabama will have a teaching garden.

Mo Fiorella

Dan's Produce

Dan McCracken has been farming since he was a child, making him a farmer for 60 years and 3rd generation. He grows everything from tomatoes and peppers to melons and edamame. He uses plastic culture to grow his crops. This allows for more control than most other types of farming. The plants get what they need and they’re healthier. Dan says his favorite thing about farming is watching the crops grow and hoping things will be ready to sell. They use very few pesticides on their products in hopes that their products will continue to grow beautifully.

Accepts WIC and SFMNP

Dan McCracken

Fields Farming

Johnny Fields has been farming for over 40 years, making him a 3rd generation farmer. He grows everything from tomatoes to corn and watermelon to peaches. Mr. Fields also sells eggs, jams and jellies. Mr. Fields says that the best season for his products to grow is in Summer, which is a great time for his favorite vegetable, corn, to grow.

Accepts WIC and SFMNP  

Johnny Fields

Flowertea Farmstead

From working on other farms previously, Gracie decided to venture out on her own to start growing her own produce. Because she enjoys being in the outdoors, she decided to earn extra income by doing what she loves. Along with providing people with fresh produce, Gracie also enjoys watching her seeds flourish. Her favorite things to grow are melons, tomatoes, and strawberries perfect during the spring and summer. Under her Garden and Goat farm, she produces products made with Berkshire Lard and milk as well as homegrown herbs and flowers. While stopping by her booth, don’t forget to ask about her zucchini bread and goat cheese recipe.


Gracie Fike


Email: gracieparsons95@gmail.com

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Garnett Farms

Mr. Garnett is here to provide you with all your green veggies. From collard greens, kale, peas, beans, and okra you are sure to find what you need at this booth. He overall enjoys the spring and summer months because it produces his favorite fruit, watermelon.


Willie Garnett


G&G Farm

Bartley Giles has been farming for over 48 years as a 3rd generation farmer. At G & G Farm, he grows honey, strawberries, tomatoes, collards, melons, and okra.  They also have beautiful orchards with a wide variety of fruits such as: apples, plums, peaches, and citrus. Bartley says that while his favorite part of farming is being outside with his garden, the unpredictable weather can be the most challenging thing about farming. Therefor forcing him to love every season the year brings.

Accepts WIC and SFMNP


Betty and Bartley Giles


Email: bettymgiles2@yahoo.com

G&G Farm

Bartley & Betty Giles

Honey, peaches, tomatoes, and more

Bartley Giles has been farming for over thirty years and is loving every minute of it

Gilliam Farrm

After retiring from AT&T, Wade decided to pursue his farming career full-time. He is a generational farmer who has been farming all of his life, so he knows a thing or two about growing fresh produce. At his booth, he provides: squash, peas, corn, tomatoes, okra, pepper, watermelon, potatoes, beans, and sweet potatoes. Now that is what we call a one stop shop!


Wade Gilliam


Gregory Farm

Who doesn’t love blueberries? Mr. Gregory has been farming all his life as a second generation farmer providing the area with plump blue goodness. He is here during June and July on Saturday’s and Tuesday. Stop by and take a sample!


Curtis Gregory


Gold Mine Farms

Mr. Dan Leonard, a retired mailman, has been farming all of his life and  is a 3rd generation farmer. He says that he enjoys watching things grow and getting ready to plant his produce. Mr. Leonard grows peas, tomatoes and watermelons and says that he makes a mean corn bread, one of his favorite recipes.


Dan Leonard 


Hale Farms

Hale Farms is run by Wesley Hale of Chilton County. Wesley learned about farming from his grandfather on Burnette Farms. They bring along with them the finest peaches you've ever seen. They also have a variety of other products such as plums, squash, cucumber, tomato, peppers, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe and corn.

Accept WIC and SFMNP 


Wesley Hale


Email: jamehale23@yahoo.com

Harold Booth Farms

For 40 years, Harold Booth has been farming. He really enjoys being his own boss in addition to being outside watching what he has grown. Weather and hard work is what is most challenging for him. Mr. Booth says his products are unique because they have required his blood, sweat and tears!

Accepts WIC and SFMNP

Harold Booth

Ingram Farms

John Ingram was born and raised on a produce farm buying and selling from ages 12-21, making him a 3rd generation farmer. Quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed by Ingram. John, a local practicing CPA, now, John mainly does it has a hobby and educational experience for his grandson. John's favorite thing about being a farmer is the creation of plants and watching things grow and produce. He also loves the challenges of timely production and irrigation. His family has operated a full-size grocery store known as Ingram Curb Market, located in Troy, Alabama since 1959. Ingram's produce includes plump, juicy tomatoes, hearty sweet potatoes, crisp greens and other delicious produce products. The growing seasons come and go, but they carry fresh fruits and vegetables all year!

Accepts WIC and SFMNP

Contact John Ingram 205-349-4008 Email: johne@ingramfarms.com


JJ's Produce

Randy Jones has been farming for over 30 years, making him a 3rd generations farmer. He and his wife own JJ’s Produce, and say that their favorite thing about farming is being able to eat the produce that they grow. Some of the fresh produce you will see at J J’s Produce stand are; peaches, plums, tomatoes, squash, peppers, okra, cucumber, potatoes, greens, corn, green beans and peas. When you stop by the stand, ask about their peach ice cream recipe, one of their favorites!

Accepts WIC and SFMNP


Randy Jones


Email: Deborahdiannejones@gmail.com

Johnny Nuckols & Cindy Fitts


Locally Grown

Johnny knows pork better than some who claim to be pork people

Lar-ren's Farm

Larry and Rena Jarvis founded their farm in the year 2000. The name "La-ren" is a compilation of their names Larry and Rena. Both have been farming for most of their lives, making them 3rd generation famers. A master gardener, Larry raises chickens for their fresh eggs, and keeps an organic garden of tomatoes and other delicious veggies. Larry says his favorite thing about farming is that it allows his family to be fairly self-sufficient. He and Mrs. Jarvis are also avid recyclers. In fact, the Jarvis’s greenhouse is made from recycled car tires, and their barn was constructed from recycled materials that Larry took from a building on the old Shelton State campus.


Larry and Rena Jarvis


Email: larrensfarm@gmail.com

Milligan Farm

Jarrod and Brittany Milligan are 3rd generation farmers of 20 years. They love the summer months as they get to become closer with nature and watch their plants grow. Specializing in sunflowers, corn, squash, zucchini, pears, okra, peas, green beans, cantaloupe, and pumpkins. Their absolute favorites are tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries. Stop by their booth and ask about their canned tomatoes.


Brittany Milligan


Email: bmilligan_21706@yahoo.com

Miss Emily's Tomatoes

Karen and Vince Wallace are 1st generation farmers of 7 years. Karen's favorite thing about farming is growing herbs and succulents and Vince thoroughly enjoys beekeeping. The love of growing and the satisfaction of knowing where their food is coming from is what makes them want to farm. Miss Emily’s Tomatoes grows vine-ripened tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus, blackberries and various vegetables. She also has fresh eggs, honey and bees wax products. Karen also offers occasional baked goods and pickles. Stop by her booth and ask about her favorite recipes of cheesecake brownies and tomato sandwiches.

Accepts WIC and SFMNP


Karen Wallace



Morris Farms

His southern surroundings in Cullman, Alabama is what introduced Ken Morris to the life of farming, where he has enjoyed the outdoors for over 30years. He doesn’t let the heat get the best of him when he’s doing his favorite thing about farming, plowing. At his booth, he provides an array of vegetables from corn, beans, peas, tomatoes, squash, peppers, and even melons. You can find him during his favorite months of Summer.


Ken Morris


Email: kemorris@ua.edu

Norris Farms

Richard Norris has been farming for over 20 years. He enjoys watching his produce grow, while providing his family with healthy food choices. Though he enjoys farming, he finds the unpredictable weather the hardest thing to get used to. His booth offers a wide variety of produce: Beans, okra, pork, potatoes, Greens, onions, canned and baked goods, amongst many more! Being locally grown and handled with care is what makes his products unique.


Richard Norris


Email: norris247@centurylink.net

Ogonowski Farm

Matthew is a first year grower who has converted two acres of pasture into farming. Though he is a history professor, his love for outdoors only challenges him further into learning something so complex. At his booth he sells a wide variety of fruits and vegtables, eggs, herbs, and delicious baked goods. While visiting his booth, ask about his favorite recipe, Golabki!


Matthew Ogonowski


Email: mogonowski@crimson.ua.edu

Pearson Farms

The Pearson’s have been farming for a little over 5 years. What they enjoy most about farming is being able to meet people, talk to them, and share knowledge about plants and flowers. They find transporting plants to markets while maintaining a sellable condition the most challenging thing about farming. Their products are serve as great aesthetic by adding value and beauty to property


Emily Pearson


Email: epearson70@charter.net

Snow's Bend Farm

For over 10 years, Margaret Ann and David have been farming. Their greatest satisfaction from farming is cultivating the food that they get to eat. They feel the most challenging thing about farming is keeping up with different  variations of products.

Snow’s Bend prides itself in being chemical, fertilizer, and pesticide free.

Snow's Bend Farm is located outside Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in the rural community of Coker. The ecological mix of wooded hills, coves, ridges, forested swamp, and bottomland pasture allows native species to flourish and makes for quite a scenic landscape.

Through  much hard work and intense determination the two’s  garden has grown from less than ¼ acre in 2004 to more than 10 acres in 2010, on which 50 different vegetables of nearly 250 varieties and numerous cut flowers are grown. Then 2009 brought the first livestock to the farm.

Margaret Toohey & David Snow
Snows Bend Farm on Facebook

Swiney Farm

James Swiney usually has a pile of tomatoes to pick from along with a slew of other beautifully homegrown veggies. Find him at the market most Tuesdays and Saturdays all year long.

James Swiney

Terry Farms

Robin and Shannon Terry together with their boys toil in the fields each week to bring us healthy bounty. Peaches are the main crop at Terry Farm and Mr. Terry will always offer you a bight before you buy. Taste and see!

Robin Terry

Meet Our Artisans

there's nothing like buying and supporting local

AA Farm

Kendra Abbott is an ecologist who has been doing outreach for over 10 years. Her ecologist background has led her into producing soaps for both kids and adults for the past 4 years. What makes her soaps so special are the toy bugs imbedded inside, intended to educate both adolescents and adults. Her favorite thing about soap making is the quality and excitement she can bring to her customers.


Kendra Abbott


Email: kendra@arthropodapothecary.com

Artistic Creations

Robert is a former educator of the Tuscaloosa City Schools system and a retired pastor. His specialties as a vendor are ceramics, woodcrafts, paper crafts, bock prints, and calligraphy. When he is not spending his time here at Farmer’s Market, he is an active member of Kentuck Clay Co-op.


Robert E. Lewis


Email: relewiscme@yahoo.com

Carniceria La Mexican

Carniceria La Mexicana is a food truck specializing in tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos and hotdogs. Their authentic flavor and great service are sure to please any crowd.


icardo Castro
Email: ricardo_castro_20@gotmail.com


Earth Works

Sierra specializes in items where she loves to showcase her creativity. Her products are both meant for wear and decorations as she creates unique jewelry paintings, and other handmade crafts. You can find on Saturday’s at our Farmers Market


Sierra Barder


Email: sierra71790@gmail.com

Earth Creations

Joy is a designer and maker of Alabama made sustainable clothing. They have been hand dying their creations for over 20 years. They take pride in providing customers with certified organic options in their clothing styles. They have everything from clothing, tees, and accessories to cater to your everyday needs.


Joy Maples


Email: jmaples@earthcreations.net

Elizabeth's Real Food

Mrs. Kelley has always enjoyed cooking for her friends and family. She began milling her own wheat about a decade ago. That pivotal moment allowed for her to offer her breads to the public through Farmers Market. She began raising chickens and eggs about 4 years ago. Throughout the academic school year, she is an educator, making summer her most fruitful season. Her favorite recipe is her 100% wheat bread of course.


Elizabeth Kelley


Email: ekelley@acacademy.com

Emily's Pound Cake

In hopes to send her two boys oversees for ambassador programs, Emily’s Heirloom Pound Cakes was born. April McClung started a fundraiser which has now evolved to a business that everyone can get a bite out of. The name “Emily” is a family name in whom recipe was tweaked in order to provide the family with their own business. Emily’s Pound Cakes offers wedding cakes, fundraisers, and a large variety of flavors and sizes. Visit their booth or website to get a taste of this infamous pound cake.


April McClung


Email: emilyshpc@gmail.com

Website for purchasing: www.emilysheirloompoundcakes.com

Garden & Goat

From working on other farms previously, Gracie decided to venture out on her own to start growing her own produce. Because she enjoys being in the outdoors, she decided to earn extra income by doing what she loves. Under her Garden and Goat farm, she produces products made with Berkshire Lard and milk as well as homegrown herbs and flowers. While stopping by her booth, don’t forget to ask about her zucchini bread and goat cheese recipe.



Gracie Fike


Email: gracieparsons95@gmail.com

Griffin Ridge Farm

Being only 18 years old, Rebecca has been selling her goat’s milk soaps for years. She has a passion for animals with hopes of a thriving small business. Luckily for her, she is achieving the best of both worlds. At her booth she not only sells soaps, but lip balms, flowers, goat milk, and goat cheese. Don’t let her age distract you, her love for animals is what makes her the perfect farmer.


Rebecca Lawrence


Email: rebeccadboothe@gmail.com

Left Hand Soap Co.

Left Hand Soap Co. is a small batch soap company in Tuscaloosa Alabama with 14 years experience in quality, natural and organic skincare.  In 14 years operating in Tuscaloosa we have worked with local breweries (Good People Brewing Co. & Druid City Brewing Co.), print makers (Yellowhammer Creative, The Southern Letterpress & Mammoth Print Shop) , health food (Manna Grocery & Deli), the Kentuck Art Center and consignment/vintage stores (Grace Aberdean).  Find us atHomegrown Alabama Farmers' Market on Thursdays, too!

We proudly reinvest in our community's arts in the Bama Art House Series at the Bama Theatre; where we have sponsored titles that include "The Other F-Word", "The Sessions", "Brooklyn Castle", "Black Dynamite" and "Turn Me On, Dammit".  We proudly sponsor Theatre Tuscaloosa's 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 production season and cultural dynamos Well That's Cool, Pink Box Burlesque, Tuscaloosa Monorail and Birmingham's awesome New Recipe to Me. We welcome opportunities to support local, regional and emergency charitable organizations whenever possible.

Left Hand Soap Co. strives to have a positive relationship with their fellow workers, customers, community and the environment through quality craftsmanship and responsible business practices.

Local Clay Works

Kiersten Ellis is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist. She interned with Anne McGee, a New Orleans painter, textile and interior designer in 2001-2002. In 2005, Kiersten studied extensively with Kerry Kennedy, a Tuscaloosa potter. She creates works of art with local clay from either Hurricane Creek or Snow's Bend Farm, digging and processing the clay by hand. Each Hurrican Creek clay peice is utilized to promote The Friends of Hurricane Creeek, a Tuscaloosa based water-keeper organization. More information can be found at www.hurricancreek.org. Each Snow's Bend clay piece is created to promote Snow's Bend Farm, a farm that provides Tuscaloosa and Birmingham with a Community Supported Agriculture program. More information can be found at www.snowsbendfarm.com 


Kiersten Ellis




Homemade Bakery, Inc.

Bobbie Bailey was flattered when friends told her she needed to sell her homemade cakes. But she never considered going into business until a restaurateur ask her to bake cakes for his business.

The business is a now full-time vocation for the recently retired Bailey.

From Thanksgiving through Christmas, she said, she stays busy filling orders for red velvet, coconut, German chocolate and her most popular of all, caramel cakes.

Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson hand crafts beautiful wooden cutting boards. You'll enjoy his patterned and jigged Alabama designs. Ron's also one of the first smiling faces that will greet you each week at the Farmers Market. 

Sunset Lemonade and Shaved Ice

After retiring from catering, the Dockery’s have been selling their lemonade and shaved ice for 5 years. Some of their flavors include strawberry, green apples, blueberry, and much more. They love meeting new people because who doesn’t enjoy fresh squeezed lemonade? Find them here in the big yellow trailor serving you up refreshing goodness.



Wilbur Dockery


Email: bdockery55@gmail.com

Tea Town

The tea truck concept came about after years of tea drinking, creativity in brewing, and a short stint as a farmer with Snow's Bend.  We wanted to provide something unique to Tuscaloosa and make sure that we use the best ingredients, including those from local farms when possible.  We also use ingredients from the Fair Trade Market, which ensures that workers are paid a fair wage, and ingredients grown organically.  We've never been coffee drinkers and there are many health benefits to drinking tea, so we bought an old horse trailer, converted it into a tea bar, and opened up for business in October of 2014.

Becca and Jonathan Gardner

That Cheesecake

I bake a decadent white chocolate cheesecake from scratch. This cheesecake is available at the Tuscaloosa Rivermarket on the first and third Saturday of each month from 7am-12pm. Also at the Rivermarket I am now selling single slices. It is always important that if you want orders for holidays you need to place your orders well in advance if you wish to secure one. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter. My handle on both is @that_cheesecake

Tammy Smith

Wayside Bakery

Brenda Johnson is a homemaker and native of Kansas. Brenda and her husband,  Joseph have 5 children and live on a small farm near Newbern, Alabama. Brenda started baking at 10  years old. She enjoys the memories that baking brings to mind. She mostly enjoys baking during the holiday season. Brenda's favorite recipes to make are her breads, especially yeast rolls.

Brenda & Joseph Johnson

Johnny's day starts at four in the morning, he lives to farm and farms to live.

Fields Farms

Johnny Fields

Growing fresh produce and more

Our Valued Farmers & Vendors


Bannerman Farms

Charles & Carol Bannerman


Booth Farms

Harold Booth


Miss Emily's Tomatoes

John & Emily Burnette


Burnette Farms

Mike & Mary Burnette


Cheney Farms

Harlon Cheney


Dowdy Farms

David Dowdy


McKinley Dabb Farm

Roy & Coleen Ferguson


Fields Farming

Johnny Fields


Garnett Farm

Willie Garnett


G & G Farms

Bartley & Betty Giles


Gilliam Farms

Jimmy & Kim Gilliam


Gregory Farm

Curtis Gregory


Black Angus Beef

Richard & Melanie Harvell


Jeff's Fresh Vegs & Eggs

Jeff Holeman


Ingram Farms

John & Carol Ingram


That Cheesecake

Tammy Smith

Become A Vendor