Tuscaloosa River Market



These positions are open to both City employees and non-City employees, though many City employees will have a lot of relevant event experience that will make them well-qualified to fill these positions.  


Red Mountain Entertainment is now hiring Event Staff for the 2019 Tuscaloosa Amphitheater concert and event season. Event Staff will fulfill all duties listed below and may be assigned to several different duty posts throughout the event, including crowd management, ushers, clean up, event set up and break down and guest services. Event Staff will be assigned to duties depending on their experience, performance and event needs.



18 years of age or older; Speaking and reading English; lifting up to 40 pounds; standing and walking for 6 hours or more




$12-$15/ hour

Initial pay rate will be determined by event, venue and industry experience. As experience and expertise increases, pay adjustments will be available if recommended by Amphitheater management, up to the maximum pay rate for this position.


Event Staff should expect to work between 6-10 hours on average per event, depending on assignment and event type. The Amphitheater hosts about 15 major concerts per year, several community and sponsor events, as well as Holidays on the River, and eight week long ice-skating rink over from mid-November through mid-January.


Event Staff are not required to work every event at the Amphitheater as a pool of Event Staff will be selected, but experienced staff will be more likely to achieve a pay rate at the top of the pay scale and the Amphitheater would prefer to work with staff that can be relied upon to work the majority of the concerts / events.


Applications are now being accepted and can sent to ampjobs@tuscaloosa.com or dropped off at the Amphitheater Box office from 10am – 5pm, Monday through Friday.