Tuscaloosa River Market


Tuscaloosa River Market rental clients must select from the CITY CATERING LIST. If you do not see a caterer that suits your needs, then please ask your caterer to submit a: CATERING VENDOR APPLICATION. If they do not meet the requirements of the city you will be required to select from the list below. 


The City of Tuscaloosa requires that all catering vendors enter into a contract with the city before being allowed to cater at any of its venues. Caterers interested in joining the catering program may submit their application here: CATERING VENDOR APPLICATION


Tuscaloosa River Market rental clients must use CASUAL CLASS CATERING for bar services. 


Tuscaloosa River Market rental clients that are hosting festivals, "tasting events" or events with multiple caterers, that are not all currently on the City of Tuscaloosa's approved/preferred catering vendor list must obtain a Temporary Event Exemption from the Alabama Department of Public Health. Please, provide the River Market with a complete list of all of your food vendors at least 6 weeks prior to your event.We need the Temporary Event Exemption on file in our office from the health department 30 days prior to your event. This will ease the documentation burden for all parties.

To obtain the exemption letter, you’ll need to submit a Temporary Event Exemption Application to the health department (we recommend six weeks) in advance of your event. You can email the form to Rhonda Williams at the Health Department. Once you get it back from Rhonda, you should email it directly to Alexis Clark at aclark@tuscaloosa.com.

Rhonda Williams
Senior Public Health Environmentalist 
Tuscaloosa County Health Department-Environmental Health
2350 Hargrove Road East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405
Office: (205) 554-4540 
Fax: (205) 556-2701

Exemption Application: 

Temporary Event Food Guidelines: